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5 things to consider before choosing a Hair Extensions

5 things to consider before choosing a Hair Extensions

Nov 19, 2022


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Hair extensions can either break or make your whole look. If you are a fan of creating stunning new hairdos, chances are you are going to have to opt for hair extensions at some point in your life. Whether it's to increase the length of your hair or to create a stunning new look, hair extensions are an instant solution.




1.Different TypesThere are different types of hair extensions available out there. The variety of options helps in deciding what would fit. There are various colors, lengths, and different time durations available. There are pros and cons of each type, but we'll let you decide what suits you the best.Clip-inThese are affordable, temporary extensions that you can reuse later on. Perfect for a bridal getup, you can stylize them with an iron.Tape-in extensionsThese are moderately expensive hair extensions that work for 6-8 weeks. For people who work out or sweat a lot, the tape-ins are not for you. You can wear them yourself if you have the experience, or you can get them applied from a parlor.KeratinThese are expensive but worth it if you want to change your look for a long time. The long time can range up to 4 months. Best suited for women who work out or exercise a lot.

2.Knowing your lifestyle and what you want Knowing yourself is the key here. Once you are familiar with what's available, you can decide what suits you the best. Ask yourself the questions:Long term, short term, or just for an event? Changing the look or just increasing the length?Deciding what you want is the essential step as you need to know if you are looking for something that goes along your natural look or something that makes you stand out.Extensions are available in all lengths, colors, and textures. Choose the one that suits you the best.


3.Knowing how to take care of extensionsThe key to maintaining the quality of hair extensions is by keeping them untangled and washing them regularly. The frequency of washing them varies from type to type, but it's necessary to keep them clean and untangled. It helps if you braid them neatly before sleeping. Stylize them using essential tools when they're completely dried.

4.Comfort level Not many people look into this, but the comfort level of the hair extensions, especially tape-in extensions, matters a lot. They can get irritating. If you feel any discomfort with your hair extensions, you can visit your stylist to get a more comfortable hairdo.


5.Understand when it’s time to remove themHair extensions can be uncomfortable and dangerous for your original hair if you don't follow the deadlines. You cannot wear extensions for a couple of months when they were meant for three weeks. Another thing to take care of is the removal of hair extensions. Initially, you'll require some professional to remove it for you, so it doesn't harm your natural hair in any way.

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