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What Your Hair Color Says About You

What Your Hair Color Says About You

Nov 19, 2022


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Have you ever wondered what assumption people make about you the first time you meet them? Of course, after conversing with you they may learn more about your personality but before they get that chance, first impressions are made by your features. One of these features people use to form their impressions is your hair color.

From black to blonde and even red, hair colors have been used to make first impressions for decades! To know what your hair color says about you, keep reading below!

1. The down-to-earth brunette

When most people see a brunette, the first thing that comes to mind is a hard worker or a no-nonsense gal. Most brunettes choose to dye their hair blonde or black just to draw more attention. Hence the fact that you choose to rock your brown hair means you’re a down to earth diva with the self-confidence of 5 people!


2. The jet black hair

Jet black hair, also known as raven hair, could be interpreted in two ways. If your outfit or makeup, like your hair, is all dark-colored you could easily be presumed to be a Goth.

However, if you wear floral dresses and always have a big ol’ smile on your face, then you could just be tagged as the High School Musical’s “Gabriella” kind of chic.

3. The Blondie

Blonde hair in most people’s dictionaries translates to ‘star of the show’. Blondes are believed to be people who love lots of attention. You probably dress the part too wearing bright red lipstick to create the classic Marilyn Monroe look with bright colored dresses. The downside is, as a blonde you may have to work extra hard to earn the respect of most people!

4. The fiery red hair

The first thing that comes to mind when most people see a red-haired lass is that ‘she’s got a fiery temper to match’. You’re probably sassy, bold, and do not take nonsense.

People will also be quick to call you Ginger or redhead, even before learning your name so you might as well just add those to your list of names!


5. Dyed hair –bright colors

Ladies who dye their hair with bright colors like yellow, red, pink, or simply combine all colors may not always give the best first impression. If you have such brightly colored hair, one thing is for sure –you’re going to have to put effort into correcting first impressions! Over time though, people will easily learn to define you by your exciting and open personality and not your hair color.

6. Dyed hair –dark colors

If your hair is dyed navy blue, dark green, or purple the first impression people will make is that you’re an introvert with a unique personality. You probably love painting, spending time alone in libraries, and hanging out with your friends once in a while.

Also, you may realize that people are quick to confide in you. This is because they assume you’re great at keeping secrets!

7. Dyed tips

If you have dyed tips, then you want to retain your natural hair color while adding a captivating twist to it. This means you like exploring and taking risks while having a solid foundation you can always fall back on!

8. The icy grey hair

Not a lot of people can pull off grey hair without looking like old ladies. The fact that you were willing to try out this color and still look great in it means you’re a risk-taker who never settles for failure or defeat.

Bottom Line

Most people think their gravitation towards a certain color is random but it actually says a lot about your personality. So check out this list to understand just what your hair color says about you!

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