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5 biggest mistakes we do when YOU wash the hair

5 biggest mistakes we do when YOU wash the hair

Nov 19, 2022


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Washing your hair is so routine and daily until she seldom we spend another thought. But it turns out that some adaptation habits over the years not only incorrect, but actually harmful to your hair and cause hair loss, dryness, dandruff or split ends. The good news? It's never too late to adapt. Test yourself – do you do the most common mistakes in the shower

Overlap every day

if you don't manage to get through day without washing your head, take a deep breath and check for yourselves. Experts recommend that you wash once every two or three days to allow the natural oils produced by the scalp to achieve hair and give it vitality. Too frequent shampooing can cause a lack of balance and scalp dryness or the reverse phenomenon — greasy hair. 

Overlap in too hot water

while hot water expand and allow hair to shampoo and conditioner to penetrate and do the work, cold water sealing and sealing the moisture inside. Therefore, we recommend that you whisk your hair in hot water, but washing it in cold water or warm water, not boiling water. Use too much shampoo it too? Even if your hair is long, and you don't need much more than the size of a Palm five shekels. If you feel that the foam created from this shampoo is not enough, you don't dry all the hair before shampooing. Give yourself another minute or two under the stream of water and be sure to rinse your hair before you mousses with shampoo. Trust us, that's enough.

Claw most scalp

to lather the shampoo aggressively and create too much friction in the scalp. Hair also needs at gentle! Be sure to massage the scalp carefully with your fingertips and nails so as not to damage the skin and hair. This is especially true if you're the ones who give nails or invest hours in construction.


I like shampoo or mask, do not use same way as shampoo. Medium length hair, put a 7-10ml of the stuff on the back of the hand. To take some material and apply to hair strands, Mane mane, edges toward the Center rather than the hair roots. Put both hands and pull the material up to the edge, to close the hair material. Rinse with lukewarm water.

From strkot right after the shower

hair breaks easily when soaked in water. To protect it, we recommend to wait after the overlap and dry it with a towel until moist, and then brush it gently. How much to pick him up at Coco stretched the lead. And here is a tip that may sound strange, but flowed us: try hair before getting into the shower, and then blow your head off.

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