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5 myths on hair straightening

5 myths on hair straightening

Nov 19, 2022


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1. Permanent hair straightening stay forever.

Permanent is a bit misleading as our hair always grow and actually the new hair is not straightened.

To get business, stylists will promise you the moon as long as you will spend your money in their salon.

Don’t be a fool-your hair will grow and in meter keep the sleek look you need to do a touch up after few months

2. Doing henna prior hair straightening don’t affect the results of the treatments

WRONG! The henna will reject the straightening cream and the results effect severally which cause

Huge disappointment to the customers. the success of hair straightening on hair that had henna

Determent on few factors and NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE can guaranty full straight hair.

3.You must use expensive shampoo and conditioner stylist recommend.

Basically, its deeply recommend using high nourishing & conditioning shampoo and mask for better maintenance preferred from the same brand of the straightening cream you do. However, if the budget

For shampoo is much less you need to find a way to condition the hair as the hair gut a trauma.

You don’t want to wake up after 3 months with broom hair and after a while you will need to find a solution for excessive dryness.

4.All L’Oreal products are the same…

NO,NO ,NO…L’Oreal have 2 brands created for hair straightening. MATRIX AND X-TENSO.

Many salons promise you L’Oreal but they use the chipper product which called matrix which

Cost for the salon less and the results accordingly .if the ad promise L’Oreal ask if the cream is

matrix or x-tenso. straightening will give every customer pokky straight

NO. every hair individually is a new blank page to work on. different type, history, volume, density, length. Ask your stylist before about your expectation and will to avoid disappointment.

Hope the info will help you, see you next time

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